Easy way of making money by Paybitly

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In this chapter am going to explain some of the easiest ways of making money online.
     Link shrinking, this is one of the easiest ways of making money online by just doing simple or no work

       The most interesting part of this earning program is that you don't have to a website before you could earn through link shrinking.

Making money with paybitly is very easy all you need it your phone and internet connection and you most be socially active .
Paybitly offer various ways of making.

     How paybitly work.

All you have to do is to create a free account.
Click this link https://paybitly.com and fill the require information

       One of the information required to create paybitly account is your username which most be unique. The username maybe be your name or your nick name or any other name which you can easily remember. 
    Your username is going to be used to login in everytime you are signing in so it is advisable to use simple username when signing in.
      Also your password is required when singing up. One of the thing to have in mind when signing in for paybitly is that having a strong password is very important your password should contain alphabets and number together.

          Paybitly paying rate

  Paybitly paying rate depend on the country, some country have high cost than some country. This are some of those country

             Paybitly Minimum payout 
Paybitly minimum payout is not that high at the time of writing this post the minimum payout depend on your withdraw method

      Paybitly Referral program

   Paybitly also have another way of earning by just referral friends and familie. This referral program allow you to earn 10% of there income.

   After a successful registration all you have to do is to start making money.
  For you to make money on paybitly you need to be socially active if you don't have a site. All you need to do is to shrink any link on there main page and share it on your social medial handle.    
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